Rolling Grocer 19

Rolling Grocer 19 (RG19) is an exciting project we have been working on for the last two years in collaboration with the Hudson Core Group and Hawthorne Valley. It's a grocery store on wheels, stocked full of fresh produce, meat, seafood, eggs, dairy, grains, canned and dry goods, as well as other pantry staples.

RG19 stop at five locations in the city of Hudson four days a week, reaching individuals with limited mobility and/or without vehicles. The store runs year round and eventually make stops in the more rural parts of Columbia County. RG19 offers a fair pricing model that prices food into three levels. You get to choose which level you are able to pay based on your combined household income and additional self-identifying criteria. RG19 currently accepts EBT/SNAP and will eventually accept other vouchers.

RG19 launches on September 12th. Please take a look at our website for more information.