Bandana Project

We cooked up a special project over the winter of 2022 in collaboration with four local artists to create one-of-a-kind bandana designs. We are offering these for sale as a way for us to fundraise for our programming and collaborate with, support and showcase local artists! Use 'em as hankies, neckerchiefs, headscarves, dog accessories -- the options are endless! They were all printed with eco-friendly inks at Flying Eye Press in Stuyvesant.

IMG-5604 IMG-5603 IMG-5605
This design features so many elemental parts of the natural world involved in the growing of food: harvest knives and flowers, hawks, worms, slugs, and butterflies, sunshine and soil, and of course, vegetables, was created by none other than our former Gleaning Coordinator, Leigha Morris. The first two in this trio are hand dyed by Audrey Louise Reynolds -- the "Peach" color comes from soil and is printed with sky blue ink, while the Lavender" color is created through burnt food waste and avocado pits and is printed with a dark grey ink. The "Gold" bandana is printed with two shades of brown ink to create a gorgeous gradient effect.

IMG-5608 IMG-5609
This design depicts seedlings, a table that's also a garden surrounded by chairs, and the hands of earth-tenders -- and was created by the multi-talented Hudson based artist Ntangou Badila! Colors come in "Green" with sage green ink and "Blue" with mustard brown ink.

IMG-5606 IMG-5607
This bandana design of delicate maidenhair fern was created by Choon Lee, a tattoo artist located in Peekskill. Colors come in "Grey" with mauve ink and "Natural" with hot red ink.

How to Purchase

Please email or DM us on instagram @longtableharvest with which bandana you would like: green, blue, natural, grey, lavender, peach, or gold. The two naturally dyed bandanas (peach and lavender) are made from organic cotton and cost $50 each including shipping. The rest of the bandanas are made in the USA and cost $40 each including shipping. With every bandana sale we raise $20 that goes towards our 7th year of running the Gleaning Program. You can make a donation to us online via PayPal or via check made out to SEE (our fiscal sponsor, with LTH in the memo) and mailed to 385 Northern Blvd. Germantown, NY 12526.